Hello Friend,


I am Hyder Nawaz, an affiliate marketer, a passionate Blogger or you can say a Web Geek like you.

Well, I am 17 yrs old from Karnataka, India and I was eager to start earning money from a young age. So I tried many different ways to earn passive income in a short period of time. But none of those worked out which I had learned from people who call themselves as Guru’s on YouTube. Then I met a person who guided me to earn some money and to start my first Blog. I definitely do not earn Millions a day but certainly on a journey to make that dream come true. Photography and Photo Editing are also my hobbies… but more of that shortly.

On this blog, I will be posting helpful tips and platforms that I found as most relevant during my journey. I will also be sharing some of the proven strategies and resources you will require to boost your Blog’s growth. If you too have a strong dream to achieve it in your future. Well, then you are heartily Welcomed to our Blog.

What other Bloggers say about me?

Hyder is the type of person who’s always curious to learn something new. He is a quick learner and always keeps asking me for teaching him something new. The most significant thing I like about him is his passion. He’s very passionate about his work.
Amit Mhetre